If you’re looking for the buck of a lifetime; Southern Iowa is the place – and ‘Iowa Trophy Hunts’ with Nathan Askew is the company. We do a small number of very successful hunts each year with mostly repeat clients and their lucky friends that they invite. These guys are coming back every year with ‘Iowa Trophy Hunts’ because they see bigger deer here than any other place! We have openings due to the multiple gun seasons and the lottery system for out of state deer tags. Get in on the action while you still can.

Please Note that due to the high demand of Iowa Deer Hunts you will have to book well in advance – It typically takes 1 preference point to obtain a gun tag, it typically takes 3 preference points to obtain an archery tag. We take bookings out to 3 years in advance and spots are limited.

Your Tag/preference point must be applied for in May the summer before you plan to hunt. You can find more information at http://www.iowadnr.com or by contacting us. Most of our hunters plan well in advance for our Iowa hunts as space is limited. The Iowa gun seasons takes place in December.

Our Iowa hunting areas are a mixture of CRP, Woodlots, corn and bean fields (major food sources during the harsh Iowa winters) medium sized timber lots, and brushy creeks and draws.

Our properties are scouted correctly and stands hung well in advance. The use of trail cameras helps us locate our biggest bucks. We use aerial maps to aid in stand placement. This gives us a better idea of what is going with the bigger picture and the movement of deer. Of course the sign on the ground is the best indicator and we scout well ahead of time and have years of knowledge about most of the properties.

Our bow hunting stands are typically Millennium lock-on stands and the areas are monitored with trail cameras throughout the season. Clients who choose to hunt during the Iowa gun season will hunt from comfortable ladder stands, Millennium lock-on stands, ground blinds, or enclosed elevated box stands. We make every effort to insure that our clients are comfortable while hunting from any of our stands or blinds, and we encourage our clients to hunt from daylight to dark, because the buck of a lifetime can walk by any of our stand locations at any moment. The hunting days begin early, and following hot coffee and a lite breakfast, we walk each client to their stand well before daylight. At the end of the day, our clients are picked up by our guides and we all share a hot home cooked meal together as the day’s many sightings and any harvests are discussed by everyone at our farm house. Lodging at our farm house, insures a short driving distance to all of our farms.

Our Iowa operation produces great bucks on un-pressured and proven properties. The gun hunts are fully catered and great hunting. The rut bow hunts are amazing and well worth the wait for a tag – start accumulating preference points now. Whether you apply for one of the gun seasons or a rut bow hunt – let us help you hunt a huge Iowa whitetail!

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Give us a call today to find out about availability and booking, for these GREAT Iowa Trophy WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS!

Iowa Hunt Cost

Deer Hunting in Iowa (meals and lodging included on all Iowa hunts):

  • 7 day Archery 1 (October 25 to November 25) = 8,500
  • 7 day Archery (November 6 to 12) = 8,500
  • Gun 1 (1st Saturday in Dec.)= 8,500
  • Gun 2 (2nd Saturday in Dec.)= 8,500
  • Late Muzz = Price on request

Turkey Hunting:

  • Iowa 1,750 for an all inclusive 3 day hunt.
  • Missouri 1,500 for 3 day hunt.
  • 2 states hunt 3,500 for 6 hunting days total. Extra days at 750 per hunter day. 3 bird limits (1x in IA, 2x in MO).