Welcome to Iowa Trophy Hunts and Missouri Trophy Outfitters

I am your guide and host Nathan Askew. I am a full time Professional Hunter and Outfitter. I operate hunting companies around the world and spend my year traveling and hunting with my clients. No matter how far I travel I can't wait to get back to the woods of Missouri and Iowa to locate big deer for my clients and wait on the impending rut take place.

We have a great deer hunting operation I feel it is the best in Iowa – or the country for that matter. My staff and I are dedicated to getting our hunters on big deer. I am present on basically all hunts and oversee the entire operation.

We have taken many Boone and Crockett deer over the years, unfortunately we have missed a few as well – be ready to shoot accurately when you arrive in camp!

You will NOT find a fancy lodge with us and a bunch of talk about big deer – you will also NOT find worn out stands, a 'dont shoot my big deer' attitude, or saving spots for other people. You WILL find big deer, professional guides, a warm equipped farm house, and a properly managed hunting operation. We hunt the right way and have some of the best ground there is. We are a low volume operation, and very effective on killing big deer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.