About ITH (Iowa Trophy Hunts)

We have been in operation since 2005 and operate in multiple states.  We selected our hunting areas based on where the best gene pools of whitetail exist as well as the right combination of hunting pressure and available ground.  The business has grown slowly but surely over time with most of our hunters coming back year after year.  We have taken many record book deer but more importantly we provide a world class hunting experience and work hard to put all our hunters in the right position to have a great time and opportunity to kill their buck of a lifetime.

Why ITH?  The biggest reason may be success. It is your time, your money, your tag and success can be measured in experience or inches for some. We excel at both, its our lively hood and we are good at it.

Its our job is to put you into the right spot for success.  Our goal is to maximize your time in the stand and to handle the off season preparation for you.  There isn’t one secrete to outfitting or shooting big bucks consistently.  It’s a mix of hard work and persistence. Like most things in life there is no elevator to the top, you’ll have to take the stairs!

No one in the industry has a higher success rate on big deer than ITH.  The ‘right spot’ is out of our camps with our guides on our properties.
Please allow me to expand on those 3 hunts aspect for you.

ITH Camps:

Small and effective, no log cabin lodges here (that means no big mortgage that removes operation money from your hunt). We would rather put your money into ground, equipment, preparation and scouting.

No TV deer hunters, this mean no BS and no favorites. Each hunter is in a good spot and we expect a deer to be shot.  We operate on a first come first serve mentality.

You will find is well equipped clean houses / camps / hotels, inspected and run by us. You will find a comfortable bed, home cooked meals, hot shower and a willingness to make you feel at home and maximize your time in the stand.

You will find short drives to the stands from our camps and an extraordinary amount of effort and preparation for your hunt.

You will find me, the owner there in camp working. We do not hire cheap local talent. Our guides are professional and courteous and must be versatile enough to operate in all our locations.  I do not avoid being immediately available to you. I know your experience will be first class, if its not I want to know immediately. The buck stops here!

ITH Guides:

We have a small team of great people.  After 5 or 6 years of waiting for your Iowa archery tag we want you to kill a buck of the quality you are looking for.  I don’t hire temporary locals to help drive you around and drop you off where he thinks the stand is.

We have Geoff, Amanda, Sam and Bill that work their tails off to get the job done.  I am also in the field and work at each location.  When you have the A-team working for you an average guide would just get in our way!  We operate small groups of hunters in multiple locations and states, we do in a way that is advantageous to our clients.  You probably noticed we don’t sell early season bow hunts… that’s because its low percentage, possibly hot, and junks up our properties. Why would we want to scare a deer off on October 5th when we know we can kill him on November 5th!  We hunt at the right time.

ITH Properties:

The main thing here is we have enough of them!:

We have the right ground (well laid out ground where a deer wants to be and the potential for multiple trophy bucks).  Our hunting ground is in the right areas (trophy regions of the Midwest with great genetics, feed, and soil type).

No penalties (many outfitters that charge this type of fee usually have too little ground for the hunters they book and want you to ‘hunt’ but not kill).

No trophy fees (anyone can slap a number on a set of horns and most of the time it is exaggerated!).  We take more P&Y and B&C bucks per hunter than any outfit in operation today.

We have enough deer and enough big deer and we wish you to shoot what makes your experience with us a success!  If you kill a 190″ with us great, you kill a 5 year old heavy 7 point great, you kill a solid 8 pt that is your biggest deer to date that’s great as well.

We have enough of each age class and I refuse to penalize a hunter for taking a deer that he chooses.  This has never been an issue and we have enough deer for the hunts that we book.

Our properties range in size from 40 to 700 acres on average. They all have food, cover, and are privately managed with low hunting pressure.

In closing, I hope you choose to hunt with us. We are not the cheapest we are certainly not the most expensive. We are not fancy.  We are effective, and the vast majority of our clients have hunted with us multiple times (upwards of 90% are repeat customers each year).  We have many that are on their 10th or 12th deer hunt with us!  To me this says it all.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly – we confirm most of our hunts 18 months in advance of the season.

Please have your equipment ready and be proficient in the killing of the animal. Practice shooting and be ready for the best deer hunt of your life!

Nathan Askew

Geoff Still