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Hello and welcome,

If you are looking for a quality hunt and BIG Whitetail Deer you have landed on the right website. My name is Nathan Askew, I own and operate ‘Iowa Trophy Hunts’. We have been in business since 2005. We are fortunate to have a great combination of people and properties that enable us to conduct first class deer hunts in multiple locations. I have spent most of my life working as a guide, outfitter and Professional Hunter (more about the company history and our team at the About Us link). I know what clients expect and I know what is important to hunters willing to spend their money on an outfitted hunt; we strive to meet and exceed these expectations.

When it comes to whitetail hunting we believe in low pressure, effective scouting and being in the right place at the right time. Region, state, county, individual farm, time, conditions, then and only then a specific stand), get these priorities out of order and you will not have consistent success. Around here luck is directly proportional to hard work and preparation… needless to say we have a lot of luck in our camps! I feel that our approach is the best way to consistently kill big deer and I am happy to tell you more about it in person. I am very hands-on with my companies; you can phone me personally at anytime and most likely I’ll be present during your hunt.

We expect our guests to be safe and to hunt to their ability. We do our best to put you in position for success and we ask that you are prepared with your equipment to make a clean kill. We have more than enough ground to operate the hunts we book – no worn out stands or shot out farms. We have a 90% rebooking rate of clients, with many hunting with us more than 12 years running. Most of our hunts are reserved 18 months or more in advance. It is never too early to contact us and start planning.

Thanks for your interest in hunting and enjoy our website. It is an accurate representation of the services we offer and the deer you will be hunting if you book with us. I will be happy to provide references upon request and I hope to be able to hunt with you in the future.


Nathan Askew

phone: 5735871234

email: nathanaskew@yahoo.com or email us from the contact page