nathanNathan Askew

was born in Sikeston, Missouri in 1977. He grew up hunting and fishing in rural Missouri. From an early age he was expertly versed in various hunting methods, equipment and outdoor skills. He acquired a B.S. in Biology from Truman State University in 2000 with a focus on life science and animal biology. A short stint in "Corporate America" led him to chase his childhood dream of hunting professionally in Africa. After pursuing numerous dead-ends he was offered an apprenticeship in Wild Africa. A letter of resignation and two weeks later he found himself in Mozambique with his backpack and a borrowed large caliber rifle.

What began as a clearing roads and building safari camps in the wilderness soon turned into hunting Africa's "Big Five" with overseas clients. Bullet Safaris was born as a way to offer customized Safari Adventures to American friends and eventually clients worldwide. You will struggle to find a harder working and more experience American Professional Hunter than Nathan Askew. Nathan is a full time professional hunter living in Africa for half of the year operating in different countries, then spending the remaining time outfitting in the USA or assisting on other hunts around the world.

Nathan Askew, ITH and Bullet Safaris offers all types of hunting adventures – from trophy whitetail in Iowa to the mountains of New Zealand to the plains and bush of Africa. We specialize in big time adventure and mature trophy class animals. Attention to detail, experience, and a never stop attitude is why we are the best in the business.


Geoff Still

 GSIn 1981, Geoff Still began accompanying his maternal grandfather on whitetail deer and wild turkey hunts in his home state of Mississippi. Throughout the years of hunting and fishing with his grandfather, Geoff absorbed all the outdoor knowledge and woodsman skills that were taught to him. As he was slowly turned out to hunt and fish solo, Geoff continued to yearn for more knowledge about the outdoors and he often returned to his mentor with questions, which were always answered. After taking his first deer with a Shakespeare 35# recurve bow at age 9 and his first turkey at age 10, to guiding deer and turkey hunters in the Midwest at age 35, Geoff has always remembered those lessons learned in the pine thickets, hardwood timber and swamps of Mississippi and he utilizes every bit of that knowledge for the benefit of the clients who come to pursue the monster Whitetail bucks and Majestic Spring Monarchs of the Midwest.

Geoff joined Iowa Trophy Hunts/ Missouri Trophy Outfitters in 2011, following a career in law enforcement. The opportunities to guide hunters on successful deer and turkey hunts over the past few years has allowed Geoff to realize just how rewarding it is to give back some of what he was so selflessly given by his grandfather. It is the passion of the pursuit that drives him and knowing that he can possibly be a small part of making another hunter's dreams come true as they too pursue the passion of the hunt.

His grandfather told him many times, over the years,that if you ever go out to enjoy God's beautiful creation and you aren't willing to, or can't, learn something from it, that is the day you need to quit! Geoff will never QUIT!